Apple-Owned Firm FoundationDB Open Sources FoundationDB Document Layer Utilized by CloudKit

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Apple-Owned Firm FoundationDB Open Sources FoundationDB Document Layer Utilized by CloudKit

Apple-owned firm FoundationDB at the moment introduced the open supply launch of the FoundationDB Document Layer, which it says provides up relational database semantics on high of FoundationDB with schema administration, indexing services, and a “wealthy set of question capabilities.

Apple makes use of the Document Layer to assist functions and providers for a whole bunch of tens of millions of customers, and mixed with FoundationDB, it varieties the spine of Apple’s CloudKit service.

Constructed on high of FoundationDB, the Document Layer inherits FoundationDB’s robust ACID semantics, reliability, and efficiency in a distributed setting. The Document Layer additionally makes use of FoundationDB’s transactional semantics to offer options much like a conventional relational database, however in a distributed setting. For instance, the Document Layer’s secondary indexes are maintained transactionally, in order that they’re at all times up-to-date with the newest modifications to the info. Transactions scale back the variety of bugs in software code and vastly simplify software growth.

FoundationDB additionally wrote a full paper describing how the Document Layer was constructed to run at a large scale and simply how CloudKit makes use of it. That paper is accessible in PDF type right here.

In a nutshell, CloudKit makes use of the Document Layer to host billions of unbiased databases, and its function set lets CloudKit present wealthy APIs and robust semantics with improved scalability and lowered upkeep.

FoundationDB has additionally written a getting began information designed to stroll customers by creating an software that makes use of the Document Layer, together with an in depth overview and a discussion board, all of which is accessible through the open supply announcement.

Apple bought FoundationDB again in 2015, and made the FoundationDB core open supply in April 2018.

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